About Us

Our mission at Morton Bitcoin Management is to help ease people through the process of converting and investing their money in the digital currency called Bitcoin. We understand that, because trading Bitcoins in a digital free economy is so new, and it also represents a historically unique form of currency, the revolutionary benefits of Bitcoin are not immediately apparent. Therefore, we have posted several educational tutorials on our website to promote awareness and understanding of this digital currency to the public. Our hope is that when more people begin to understand the technical side of Bitcoin, they will simultaneously lose their reluctance to invest in this new currency, with its ease of trading and its inherent protections against economic crashes or inflation.

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Michael Morton (CEO)

Morton Bitcoin Management is a new company, founded in July 2013 by Michael A. Morton. Yet, our related company, Morton Wealth Management, has been managing client retirement portfolios for over the past 30 years. Our wealth-management companies are family-owned, with decades of experience handling client assets and investments. “You could even say it’s in my DNA to grow wealth for my investors,” says Michael Morton. With new technologies constantly developing, founder Michael Morton seeks to help investors change with the times—instead of resisting change, and thereby losing valuable new opportunities in this rapidly evolving digital New Age. Morton is a student at North Carolina State University majoring in applied mathematics with a minor physics. With the Bitcoin currency becoming a hot topic in the media as a smart investment in our digital future, Morton has taken time off from his academic studies to become a digital entrepreneur. He is especially interested in conducting his own research to develop new technologies and opportunities that might benefit people from all walks of life. As Michael Morton explains, “Since I’ve known about Bitcoin for years and have studied its growing worldwide acceptance as a new form of currency, I decided that creating a cryptocurrency management company would be a viable opportunity to affect the sort of change I desire to see in our society. As my generation assumes its responsibility as the world’s catalysts in harnessing the power of the digital age and help the masses live better lives, my goal is to become one of the many leaders who will bring on an exciting new age of peace and prosperity. I hope to help more people come to the same realizations I have and join in this free economy movement to make that dream our collective reality.”

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Matthew Armah (CFO)

Matthew J Armah has a bachelor’s degree in Statistics from North Carolina State University with an Economics minor. Past experience includes allocation of funds for a Raleigh-based start up company and global foreign exchange market analysis and money management. This unique background allows for the application of statistical analysis in fostering true confidence in innovative methods.

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Reid Wellington (CMO)

Reid Wellington graduated from the University of North Carolina in Charlotte (UNCC) with a major in Business Administration and minor in Supply Chain Management. Passionate about new age technology and making a difference with people. Reid is dedicated to create growth, sustainability, and revolutionize our currently outdated financial system. “Working with Bitcoin since the beginning days when one could still profit from mining Bitcoin with a regular computer graphics card has giving me a unique perspective of the developing FinTech industry,” stated Reid Wellington.