Cabinet of Japan Greenlights Bitcoin as Payment Method

05 Mar

What is even more interesting regarding these bills is how Bitcoin is now labeled as “asset-like values which can be used in making payments and digital transfers”. This means Bitcoin is well underway to be recognized as an official currency in Japan, although there is still a long road ahead.


Bitcoin puts on many different hats, depending on which country it is related to. Some states see Bitcoin as a currency, others as a commodity, and most regions don’t even recognize Bitcoin at all. Things are moving in the direction of recognizing this disruptive technology as a currency with similar traits to fiat currency, though. A new set of bills has been approved by the Cabinet of Japan to recognize virtual currencies as a tool with similar functions to government-issued money.

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Banks Can Freely Explore Bitcoin For IT Upgrades

First and foremost, the established financial players – banks, insurance companies, and others – will be able to look into the technology that makes Bitcoin tick. Blockchain technology is of great interest to some of the world’s largest banks, yet things were quite different in Japan due to the impending regulation of the whole digital currency concept.

Now that the Cabinet of Japan approved a new set of bills to let banking groups expand their infrastructure through virtual currencies, things can be taken to the next level in Japan. There are plenty of benefits to be found in the world of blockchains, ranging from faster settlement to less overhead costs andautomated smart contracts.

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