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Segregated Witness: Coming to a Bitcoin Core near You

23 Oct

Segregated Witness, a scaling and far-reaching improvement for Bitcoin, could start being implemented across the network as early as November 15th. The technology will have a lot of implications for users of Bitcoin, including potentially lower fees, slightly higher transaction capacity,elimination of the malleability problem, and increased security for multi-signature transactions. The date of launch […]

After a Decade of R&D, MaidSafe’s Decentralized Network Opens for Alpha Testing

12 Aug

by Natasha Lomas (@riptari) Not many startups have spent a decade fine-tuning their tech platform prior to launch. But not many startups are trying to radically rethink the structure of the Internet. UK-based MaidSafe, which has been building an alternative, decentralized p2p network since before Steve Jobs announced the original iPhone, is finally — finally! […]

The Bitcoin Universe Explained

29 Nov

by Tyler Durden This infographic explains the wide ranges of the Bitcoin universe, accompanied with quotes from some of its best-known business leaders. Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist   So from miners to merchants, the Bitcoin universe continues to expand dramatically as we noted previously, “There are more people in the world who need a currency […]