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With Winklevoss Bitcoin Exchange, Digital Currency Grows Up

06 Oct

By: CADE METZ CAMERON AND TYLER Winklevoss were among a group of investors who put $1.5 million into BitInstant, a bitcoin exchange founded by a guy named Charlie Shrem. Shrem was also a founding member of The Bitcoin Foundation, the not-for-profit created to oversee the bitcoin digital currency. He’s now in federal prison. Shrem was sentenced […]

Bitcoin Will Succeed via Innovation, Not Laws (Op-Ed)

02 Aug

By: Daniel O. Nyairo Considering the varying patchwork of today’s global regulatory landscape regarding cryptocurrency, Bitcoin’s greatest ally will not be a judge but technological innovation that will enable it to be one step ahead of anti-competitive laws and unfriendly jurisdictions. Indeed, Bitcoin is yearning for adoption, but that is not coming easy or fast […]

Investment in Bitcoin Surpasses the Early Internet’s by 25%

30 Jul

By Elliot Maras Investment in bitcoin is outpacing that of the early Internet by almost 25%, according to a report today by the International Business Times, a London, U.K.-based newspaper. Venture capitalist investment in bitcoin startups is projected to be $786 million in 2015, compared with $639 million in Internet companies in 1996, the report […]

Overstock to Offer $25M Corporate Bond as the World’s First Crypto Security

07 Jun

By: Joseph Young On June 5, retail giant Overstock became the first company to offer a corporate bond, valued at US$25 million, as crypto securities to qualified institutional investors. The offering is part of the company’s bitcoin blockchain-based initiative called Medici. Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne stated in a press release: “The crypto revolution has arrived […]