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Bitcoin Will Succeed via Innovation, Not Laws (Op-Ed)

02 Aug

By: Daniel O. Nyairo Considering the varying patchwork of today’s global regulatory landscape regarding cryptocurrency, Bitcoin’s greatest ally will not be a judge but technological innovation that will enable it to be one step ahead of anti-competitive laws and unfriendly jurisdictions. Indeed, Bitcoin is yearning for adoption, but that is not coming easy or fast […]

Stock Exchanges Are Beginning to Take Bitcoin Seriously

25 Mar

(Bloomberg) — The biggest U.S. stock exchange operators are taking steps to embrace bitcoin, spurring speculation the digital currency is coming up from underground. Nasdaq OMX Group Inc. revealed Tuesday that New York-based Noble Markets, a platform for trading bitcoin, has agreed to license Nasdaq’s X-stream technology. Noble is adopting the same software used by […]

CryptoCurrency Security Standard to Define Bitcoin Best Practices

19 Feb

By Sid Kalla An industry group of developers, researchers and security professionals have come up with a set of proposed best practices that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency businesses should adhere to, in order to ensure the safest and easiest way to handle Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Called the CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS), this is an attempt to […]

Bill Gates: “Bitcoin Technology Is Key”

02 Oct

Bill Gates has updated his stance on Bitcoin since calling it simply a “technological tour-de-force” months ago. Earlier today, speaking with Bloomberg TV’s Erik Schatzker, Bill Gates admitted “the Bitcoin technology is key.” Earlier today, Bill Gates gave the final speech at SIBOS 2014, the annual SWIFT banking conference held this year in Boston. The Gates […]

Pioneers of the Cryptocurrency Market

14 Apr

Everyone knows that starting a business from scratch is both daunting and risky. Such conventional wisdom typically applies to conventional businesses that provide goods or services familiar to today’s consumers. Imagine innovating a whole new business model in a rapidly evolving market with futuristic technology, which many consumers cannot yet comprehend. Welcome to the new […]